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  Produce Professional Bills of Sale

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This page last modified on Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Copyright (c) 2019 LeBlanc & Associates. All rights reserved.

I've tried to add a Vehicle Graphic to the bill of sale and it doesn't show up

The Graphic needs to be installed in the Main directory of the program in order for this to work
If you are running the program in Network Mode, the graphic need to be installed in the main directory of all workstations.

I've purchased a new computer and I need to reinstall the program on this computer, How do I transfer the data to the new computer

Go to your old computer and copy the old "RetailBOS 1.2" complete to a USB Drive.
Install the program on on the new computer using the original HomeRun Setup file.
Assuming that you installed the program in the default location, Click on "Computer" and then Click on your "Local Drive C"
Double Click on the Folder "HomeRun Software". Within this Folder you will see a Folder "RetailBOS 1.2"
Delete this Folder and copy the complete folder that you copied to the USB drive to this location.

What happens if I change the Company Name.

Licencing and Registration Codes are issued to be used Exclusively for One Company Name.
If for any reason, a Registered User changes the Company Name, A new licence needs to be purchased.
There is no way for us to monitor that a User is not running under 2 different Company name using the same Licence.

What happens if I need a licence for a 2 different locations

Programs are licenced to be used at one location only running on 1 network.
2 different locations equals 2 licences.

Are the forms approved for use in Ontario

The HomeRun Software program uses various forms in this software.
We believe these forms meet the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act 2002 (MVDA)
We have made every effort to ensure that these forms meet the requirements of the MVDA 2002.
However, these forms have not been vetted by our Lawyers.
It is highly recommended that you have these forms checked with your Legal Counsel to ensure that they are suitable for your Business.
If anyone tells you that their forms have been approved by OMVIC, have them show you the proof.
LeBlanc & Associates expressly disclaim all responsibility for the validity of these forms.