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Copyright (c) 2019 LeBlanc & Associates. All rights reserved.

HomeRun Technical Support - HomeRun Software is committed to provide the highest quality of Technical Support to our Users. This section outlines the Tech Support options available to our Retail Bill of Sale Clients
New User Support -   New Users will receive email and telephone support for 30 day after purchase. This will allow you some help with installation and initial configurating the program. If required, we can log into your computer for the purpose of Training and Support.
HomeRun Product Maintenance - Software must be maintained. As bugs are found and other minor changes become necessary, software maintenance updates will be available. You will be notified by email when these updates are available with a link to the appropriate update.
Bug Reports - If you believe you have encountered a bug in HomeRun Retail Bill of Sale, simply send us an email at support@homerunsoftware.net with a subject line that begins with "BUG  in Retail Bill of Sale". We will evaluate your bug report on a non-priority bases. If a bug is indeed found, it will it will be fixed and you will be notified of the solution via email.