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All of our programs are available as a 30 day evaluation. Therefore, you have an opportunity to fully evaluate our programs prior to purchase. It is your responsibility to ensure that our programs will be suitable for your business. Free Technical Support is offered on all our programs. The duration depends on the program purchased but generally is either 15 or 30 days duration. The time period starts on the date we issue you your program key. After the free period, technical support for our programs is available either as a per instance manner or by annual subscription. Clients that purchase a subscription are also entitled to upgrades and program fixes that are released during their subscription period. The period starts on the date we issue the program key and runs until the day the subscription ends. Clients that do not purchase annual subscription can get purchase upgrades for a nominal fee which is determined when the upgrade is released. Technical support is provided in the following manner. Telephone Support: Available Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST. Priority Support: Provides access to our support staff. Email Support: Lets you submit your support request via private email. We can log into your computer(s), with your permission, to provide technical support or training as appropriate. This allows us to provide you with the quality support no matter where your business is located.